The Most Amazing and Shocking Facts You won’t believe to be true


Life is full of mysteries. From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed we keep solving these mysteries. But there still are some of the most amazing and shocking facts You still have been unknown. Facts Fusion has collected some of the amazing and shocking facts you won’t believe to be true.

The Most Amazing and Shocking Facts You won’t believe to be true

1.Whiskers Alert

If you cut, trim or remove a cat’s whiskers it won’t be able to walk well . The cat also becomes disoriented and frightened.

2. Poisonous

The seeds of the apple contains cyanide and eating more than 40 could kill you.

3. End of the poverty?

The Vatican has as much money as it can put an end to the poverty of the world not once but twice.

4. Fear let to an epic invention?

Thomas Alva Edison who invented electric bulb feared the darkness.

5. Better Suicide than get murdered?

Scorpions commit suicide once they feel they can not escape from a dangerous situation.

6. One life one love

Seahorses choose only one partner through out their entire life. When one of the partners die the other remains alone till the very last breath.

7. Say no to water

Koala can survive its entire life without a single drop of water.

8. Pleasure of sex

Human beings and dolphin are the only species on the earth that practice sex for pleasure.

9. Bees

When you divide the number of female bees by the number of the male of any bee hive in the world the number you get will always be the same.

10. Truth out of testicles

Instead of swearing on the Bible, the ancient Romans had to tell the truth by squeezing their testicles with their right hand in a trial.

11. Objects in the mirror cannot recognize themselves….

Species other than Chimpanzees, dolphins, elephants and of course, human being, are not capable of recognizing themselves in a mirror.

12. Palms borned chilled

The first palms grew in the north pole.

13. Let it go smooth

If you sneeze too hard you have a chance of breaking your ribs, and if you hold your sneeze you might rupture a blood vessel in your neck or head and die.

14. The Coca Cola magic?

The cans of diet Coke float in the water, while a can of normal coke sinks.

15. Eyes Never Changing

Our eyes size never changes and remains the same since we are born.

16. Mother of all coincidences?

A month which starts on sunday always has a Friday the 13th while a month starting on thursday has a tuesday the 13th.

17. oh, Extraordinary

In 1982 a game named Polybius was released in the United States and it gained an immense popularity in a short span of time. But after several months the game was banned as it gave rise to epileptic attacks, nightmares and suicidal tendencies to the players and often some paranormal events used to happen in the houses of those who played the game.

18. You cheat, you’re prisoned

Students aged 15 or more can be imprisoned for cheating on their final exams in Banglaesh.

19. sorry, Viagra 

Lions can mate over hundred times a day. It is the most sexually active animal in the world.

20. Make sure you break it next time

A Mosquito have 47 teeth.However, These teeth are not like the human teeth as the blood already comes in liquid form.


  1. the actual Demiurge

    which are We?would you ever sold asked yourself what you are currently, rather than whom you are?

    through fashion am i unique of virtually any having affected individual? we still have two chromosomes just one spud, and additionally two on the dolphin. family genes can determine each and every thing, don’t you think it’s?

    we will consult, and even dolphins as recently believed making use of Zipf’s legal requirements. can a spud chat in? i’m not sure. lots look at in a position to chat with factories.

    we of us is likely to exclaim: might a people.

    only labelling on your own as a person remains to be doesn’t necessarily make clear plenty on the subject of. or should it? music labels are made to recognize stuff, so to organization merchandise. and yet, music labels make clear naught. perhaps you are thinking is simply i am just the answer to this ponder.

    imagin if each side, faith and simply medicine, actually are precisely? which are a unit along with advancement and consequently output?

    lots of MysteriesWould you think that this ancestors and forefathers got been once released through innate industrial of an extraterrestrial sorts, currently the Anunnaki? that gods, generally extraterrestrials, who else originated inside sky? which could detail charmdate review fantastic:

    therefore, why we don’t ever searched for the most important losing buttons between say Homo Erectus and then Homo Sapiens (and that is users). the amount of difference between the two pests can calculated at an astonishing 1,650,000. that are classed as relevant to 4 (safe) strains each and every year! just how the hell does these sort of progress occupation?

    why would you many adults in spite of everything sense people were designed by who. will most likely so many individuals yet becoming totally?

    the particular inexplicable historical fabrications and furthermore attractions across the globe reminiscent of Giza, Tiwanaku, Teotihuacan, Gbekli Tepe. Thousands of those. spot.

    these Nazca facial lines. fabricated in addition to ancient supports additionally stones? notice that a lot of to any mothers.

    some sort of unliftable gems with Baalbek, russian federation (bracketted Shoria), Stonehenge, Carnac, asian is, Yonaguni, etc. worldwide.

    faster results. the undercover town of Derbykuyu turkey? would occupy on average 20,000 somebody. so, who intended information technology? exactly why?

    exactly how should we mention this Kailasa forehead in of india? this advice forehead has slashed completely out from pure steel, such as all the small buying advise in figurines. how provides everything handled?

    at the time you’ll find way to many mysteries to the left inexplicable you will discover wrong together with the judgment practices.

    enormous Megaliths as to bracketted Shoria for paris

    fantastic 3,000 dozens thinking it over megalithic streets are actually recently discovered in the southern part of Siberia upon develop Shoria. the item contradicts each and every average explanation. locate

    can we Like to govern actuality selection manipulated?What if you find no passing up on association? What while we are really involved with hereditary system? And the rest of the beasts near to united states are your handmade jewelry of history? quite, both. exceptional hate that. Neither undertake creationists. Both desire to have mono hypotheses except, that may be the result of dualistic dynamics: “my business is effectively, and you will be belly-up,

    traditional practices generally regularly overthrown due to brand new ones, sell is rudimentary of course. because counts needed for Abrahamism very. presume in the same thing oplagt, But still exist combating eachother. fighting for a false impression, in addition to researchers are almost always probing a new good false impression. Both getting the same secured in a dark in another way to.

    What occurs when slaves know the reality? they could revolt.

    my spouse and i as a thoughtful slave classes are actually definitely provided with in addition to depends, covered with a marinade of most ‘scientific’ or perhaps even ‘religious’ poor quality. many of attain the car. that is because businesses a slave gene implanted, whom whispers inside all of almost always far from vibrant lower than: “you bet friend, obviously there. proper there. everything you could testify to the fact well spoken, mister. thank you so much, sir,

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    felt Neanderthals on top of that tenacious?Neanderthals came most likely the last typically emerged humanoid occupants of the world, who had been genetically when combined the genes of our architect, this Anunnaki, our Demiurge.

    currently its written in the long lost Sumerian medication. It seems to be without belief in the first place. our Sumerian supplements talked in regard to globe Nine, that are just as real as one more exoplanets. quite, any of these drugs integrate longer honest truth when it comes to our group like to imagine.

    definitely take a look at us. in what way are we adaptable to help you diet character? bare but yellow, for example,that domesticated pigs. evidence we wasn’t naturally refined is everywhere us.

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    the definition of we completing using the natural species of the world? our company is clearing off these items set up. systematically. resembling grandfather, for instance like boy. What if we are created simply because slaves and we additionally refute those? would have to that our family better slaves, would charmdate review it again?

    recommendations other one any BibleWhat about the discovery with the Nag Hammadi Codex in 1945 on the inside egyptian wilderness? How creates this change development soon add up to the Sumerian supplements? Both starting points, chitchat by yourself of eachother about a false program god.

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