The Most Amazing and Shocking Facts You won’t believe to be true


Life is full of mysteries. From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed we keep solving these mysteries. But there still are some of the most amazing and shocking facts You still have been unknown. Facts Fusion has collected some of the amazing and shocking facts you won’t believe to be true.

The Most Amazing and Shocking Facts You won’t believe to be true

1.Whiskers Alert

If you cut, trim or remove a cat’s whiskers it won’t be able to walk well . The cat also becomes disoriented and frightened.

2. Poisonous

The seeds of the apple contains cyanide and eating more than 40 could kill you.

3. End of the poverty?

The Vatican has as much money as it can put an end to the poverty of the world not once but twice.

4. Fear let to an epic invention?

Thomas Alva Edison who invented electric bulb feared the darkness.

5. Better Suicide than get murdered?

Scorpions commit suicide once they feel they can not escape from a dangerous situation.

6. One life one love

Seahorses choose only one partner through out their entire life. When one of the partners die the other remains alone till the very last breath.

7. Say no to water

Koala can survive its entire life without a single drop of water.

8. Pleasure of sex

Human beings and dolphin are the only species on the earth that practice sex for pleasure.

9. Bees

When you divide the number of female bees by the number of the male of any bee hive in the world the number you get will always be the same.

10. Truth out of testicles

Instead of swearing on the Bible, the ancient Romans had to tell the truth by squeezing their testicles with their right hand in a trial.

11. Objects in the mirror cannot recognize themselves….

Species other than Chimpanzees, dolphins, elephants and of course, human being, are not capable of recognizing themselves in a mirror.

12. Palms borned chilled

The first palms grew in the north pole.

13. Let it go smooth

If you sneeze too hard you have a chance of breaking your ribs, and if you hold your sneeze you might rupture a blood vessel in your neck or head and die.

14. The Coca Cola magic?

The cans of diet Coke float in the water, while a can of normal coke sinks.

15. Eyes Never Changing

Our eyes size never changes and remains the same since we are born.

16. Mother of all coincidences?

A month which starts on sunday always has a Friday the 13th while a month starting on thursday has a tuesday the 13th.

17. oh, Extraordinary

In 1982 a game named Polybius was released in the United States and it gained an immense popularity in a short span of time. But after several months the game was banned as it gave rise to epileptic attacks, nightmares and suicidal tendencies to the players and often some paranormal events used to happen in the houses of those who played the game.

18. You cheat, you’re prisoned

Students aged 15 or more can be imprisoned for cheating on their final exams in Banglaesh.

19. sorry, Viagra 

Lions can mate over hundred times a day. It is the most sexually active animal in the world.

20. Make sure you break it next time

A Mosquito have 47 teeth.However, These teeth are not like the human teeth as the blood already comes in liquid form.


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